Barton Heights Cemetery Map

The Barton Heights Cemeteries Web Map and Explorer offers a digital map detailing all 300+ of the visible grave markers found in the six historic conjoined cemeteries that are now known as the Barton Heights Cemeteries in Richmond, Virginia. From 2018-2023, members of the East End Cemetery Collaboratory, students, volunteers, and most importantly, descendants of those buried at the cemeteries have worked together to supply the information and images found in this map. The map is intended to be used as a resource for descendants and visitors to navigate the rich history of the cemeteries and learn about the lives of those buried there.

The project was funded by the  VCU Office of Institutional Equity, Effectiveness and Success  and the UR Spatial Analysis Lab . Beth Zizzamia, Ryan Smith and Will Teeples led the work.

Below is a mobile friendly map. More options are available on the official project page.