Mapping and Imaging


The Collaboratory’s mapping efforts have produced some of the first complete maps for cemeteries whose original records are incomplete or do not survive. 

Our process is community-engaged, and led by the Spatial Analysis Laboratory at the University of Richmond. The Spatial Analysis Lab, housed in the Department of Geography and the Environment, supports GIS, spatial analysis, and remote sensing courses, where students learn the underlying principles of spatial analysis and technology.

The Collaboratory’s online map of the Barton Heights Cemeteries offers the first comprehensive account of surviving markers at the grounds, which include the earliest African American memorials in the state. Work on the project began in 2018 and continued through 2023.

Years in the making, the Collaboratory’s online map of East End Cemetery pinpoints the locations of more than 3,000 grave markers using GIS technology and drone imagery. The map is updated as new markers are uncovered.

Additionally, we note the useful digital map of Woodland Cemetery, produced by students at Henrico County’s Deep Run High School in 2022


VCU’s Virtual Curation Laboratory and UR Archaeology have produced 3D scans of hundreds of grave markers across Richmond’s cemeteries. These include: